ceremony | noun | An event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion.

The official definition of the word is lovely, but it’s also incomplete. “Ceremony” is a time-honored way to create a sacred moment out of a meaningful transition. Ceremonies are markers of ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Weddings are a great example of ceremony, when two people lovingly commit to each other, but that’s just the beginning. There is so much more!
BlessingWay Ceremonies celebrate a woman while she is carrying her baby in her womb. She is in the midst of a major transition and honoring this truth creates a community of love and support as she moves into motherhood and all it will demand of her.
Cacao ceremonies are heart opening experiences that welcome honesty, vulnerability, connection and love. Communities grow, open, expand and put down roots of trust during cacao ceremonies. They are gentle, kind and loving.
Plant ceremonies, on the other hand, are deep dives into the psyche, an invitation to explore realms that we don’t readily have access to in the everyday. They are safe, powerful ways to know the self, see clearly the ego, and work with both for increased awareness, choices and empowerment.

Ceremonies are fun to create. They incorporate a combination of candles, incense, fancy crowns made of flowers, music, poetry, sharing, mandala making, medicine bag making, and heartfelt spontaneous words of powerful meaning. They are beautiful experiences to behold. And they will invite an expansion of your whole self: knowing, embracing and inviting the whole self to step forward and be seen and celebrated.

If you are interested in planning a ceremony (of any kind!) together, contact me. I’m honored to work with you on tje beautiful project of creating sacred ceremony.

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