My path to the profession of healing and integral coaching has been a rich and meandering one.

I have a bit of the gypsy in me. I’ve lived in New York State, Connecticut, California, Costa Rica, Spain, West Africa, Texas, Washington, Central Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. Each place broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of what it means to be human. This diversity of cultures and landscapes challenged me to adapt, grow, evolve. Because of this, my curiosity and acceptance for all aspects of human nature runs deep. The possibilities I see for each person are not filtered through a lens of my singular life experience. There are so many human ways of being, and our perspectives, and the possibilities we consider are often limited by our own constrained beliefs and fears. Recognizing and releasing the old ways, and welcoming congruent ways that are aligned with your own spirit can feel like a whole a new beginning.

I love to learn.  I’ve had the great fortune of being given the opportunity to explore a variety of modalities proven to further meaningful human development.

I received my BA in Communications at the University of San Diego in California, and my MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington. My Certification in Integral Coaching is from New Ventures West in San Francisco, and my two Certifications in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and Heart Centered Breathwork are from The Wellness Institute in Issaqua, Washington. I’ve completed trainings in sociometry, psychodrama, parenting, writing, enneagram, meditation and energy work. My passion is facilitating workshops and leading groups, and this is where I feel most alive and most useful.  I also offer private sessions with couples, individuals, and families, and I love to work with ceremony, ritual, adventure travel, and any experience that support being out of one’s comfort zone.

My most recent training has been Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification as well as Advanced Breathwork Certification. Please feel free to ask about any of my areas of study, I’m happy to discuss with you all of my learning.

My most challenging and yet satisfying real life-training has come from raising my two now twenty-something daughters. Okay, it’s a toss-up between raising my daughters, and tending the garden of my marriage with my partner, since 1994. We have all learned and grown together over the many years…..

Bozeman is our permanent home base, so I will be here for most of the year.

 As an integral relationship coach, I provide individualized programs which support you within a private, couple and/or group setting. People who pursue coaching are seeking guidance and insight in a comfortable and welcoming environment. They are looking for lasting changes in their way of being in the world, and ongoing competency in their ability to navigate life circumstances with skill, honesty, grace, and a fierceness that ushers in real change.

My sessions are designed to increase authenticity, possibility, and open up unforeseen options for meaningful paths forward. Everyday life situations can trigger stagnant patterns, paralyze the mind, and shut down creativity. I am trained to help release you from these burdensome traps, and welcome a greater sense of freedom, expansion and creativity.

My focus is always on supporting you to embody changes in many ways. Emotionally, physically, cognitively and spiritually we each respond to our daily lives in our own deeply ingrained and habitual ways. All of us have gifts and strengths that we call upon regularly, sometimes abandoning other areas due to conditioning or messaging from family systems, causing parts of ourselves to atrophy from lack of use. What if we responded to life from a place of integrated balance? What if we called upon all of our ways of knowing to navigate our present life circumstances?

Integral Coaching encourages and supports wholeness, so you may find a comfort level with the many ways of being human. By not cutting off parts of your psyche, or by welcoming them back home, you discover more of what it means to be an integrated human. You will welcome your heart, head, and natural instincts back into their rightful place of being, so you can fire all cylinders, not the ‘go to,’ overworked, tired ones. It feels good and right to do this.

Book your first session, and discover how coaching can support your life, and open up possibilities for your future. Step onto the path of awakening!