My path to the profession of integral coaching has been a rich and meandering one. I have a bit of the gypsy in me. I’ve lived in New York State, Connecticut, California, Costa Rica, Spain, West Africa, Texas, Washington, Central Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. Each place broadened my perspective, deepened my understanding of what it means to be human, and challenged me to adapt. Because of this, my curiosity and acceptance of all aspects of human nature runs deep. The possibilities I see for each person are not limited by a singular life experience. Our ways of being, our perspectives, the possibilities we have are often limited only by our own limited beliefs. Feel free to inquire about any of my experiences, ask me anything at all.

I received my BA in Communications at University of San Diego in California, and my MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington. I’ve had many trainings in sociometry, psychodrama, parenting, writing, and meditation. My work allows me to facilitate workshops and groups, I offer sessions with couples, individuals, and families, and I work with small businesses, doing team work, mediation, and mindfulness based stress reduction. My most recent training was a year long program learning Integral Coaching from New Ventures West, in San Francisco, California. Please feel free to ask about any of my areas of study, I’m happy to discuss with you all of my learning.

Probably my most challenging and yet satisfying life-training has come from raising my two daughters. Well, maybe it’s a toss up between them and the work of being married to my husband of 23 years. We all learned together! Bozeman has become our permanent home base, so I will always be around here for most of the year.

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