Heart-Centered BreathTrance is a tool for releasing stress, experiencing wholeness, & understanding the human condition.

BreathTrance is a numinous experience. Breathing in a circular, deep manner while listening to evocative powerful music, you will enter a realm of your own subconscious mind. You’ll heal, release, explore and feel emotions, all while in a cocoon of sacred space. BreathTrance sessions open up non-ordinary states of consciousness that heal the soul, purify the body, and integrate understanding. We work in a group setting to experience the collective momentum while also inviting personal unfolding. You’ll create your own ‘nest’ and have a mat, warm blanket, water bottle and eye mask. You’ll journey to liminal realms, know yourself more deeply, feel energy moving and emotions releasing. Much is possible here, and no two sessions are the same. The best way to understand BreathTrance is to do it. There is no risk, and yet much to gain. You are in control of your breath, how fast, how deep, and how intense, so the experience of mystery is influenced by your choices. Want more? Breathe faster and deeper. Feel overwhelmed? Slow down. You have control, even while you scrub old thought patterns clean and release heavy emotional loads, all possible while exploring the edges of your psyche.

Research shows tremendous improvement in these areas:

  • Reduced chronic pain and reduced energetic stuckness
  • Improved symptoms from conditions of depression and anxiety
  • Improved self-awareness, self love and self acceptance
  • Increased positive outlook and life possibilities
  • Decreased negative side effects of past trauma
  • Decreased intensity of addictive and harmful behavior
  • Increased harmony, acceptance of self and positive thoughts
  • Release of stress, resentment and grief
  • Greater feelings of oneness and connection

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BreathTrance  in Bozeman

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