Group Coaching is an economical and dynamic way to learn about the self. We explore vulnerability, the human condition, belonging and the beauty of forgiveness, among many other topics.  Group work deepens one’s compassion and empathy, forging the way for deeply meaningful relationships. Stacey has been facilitating these groups since 2012, and they have become sought after experiences because they create connected community, deep friendships, real dialogue and powerful contemplation about our time on the Earth in this human form. Conscious, honest, real community creates a corrective experience for internalized dysfunctional family systems. A wise person said, “We can’t become ourselves by ourselves”. Well, this rings true for me. Join a group and find your authentic self by sharing your truths with others. There is no need to be alone on this journey of life.

Upcoming Groups

Group Coaching for Personal Growth, Community and Interpersonal Skills

with the Awakened Heart Collective & Stacey Tompkins

Group is FULL – please request to be put on the waiting list in case of cancellation 

Enjoy the experience of learning about communication, listening, connection, belonging & understanding.

Group coaching is fun. And meaningful. And experimental. And challenging. And heart-opening. The experience will leave you with a sense of purpose, connection and appreciation for what life offers. You’ll feel more alive and you’ll discover community. And increase possibility in your everyday experiences. Facilitating these groups is my favorite work. I love it because I get to grow and learn alongside you. Your wisdom is welcome. Your challenges are, too. All of you. Bring it. Really. Do you feel that truth bomb?

What: Group Coaching Experience

When: 8 Tuesdays, starting October 8, 2019 – December 3 (skip Tuesday, Nov. 26)

Where: Stacey’s Yurt at 612 N. Montana Ave.

Cost: $300 for 8 group sessions, 2 hours each

Questions: | 406-570-1304 |

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