Stacey Tompkins is an integral life coach and owner of Sungate Integral Coaching, Inc. As an integral coach, Stacey provides an individualized program which guides and supports within a private, couples and/or group setting. People who pursue coaching are seeking support and insight in a comfortable and welcoming environment. They are looking for lasting changes in their way of being in the world, and ongoing competency in their ability to navigate life circumstances with skill, honesty and grace.

Sungate Integral Coaching offers individual or couple sessions that are designed to increase authenticity, possibility, and open up unforeseen options for paths forward. Everyday life situations can trigger unwelcome patterns, paralyze our minds, and shut down our creativity. Stacey can help release people from these traps, and allow a greater sense of freedom.

Stacey focuses on helping people embody changes in many ways. Emotionally, physically, cognitively and spiritually we each respond to our daily lives in our own way. All of us have gifts and strengths that we call upon regularly, sometimes abandoning our other areas, only to find them atrophied from lack of use. What if we responded to life from a place of integrated balance? What if we called upon all of our ways of knowing when we navigated our life circumstances?

Integral Coaching will encourage and support your wholeness, so that you find a comfort level with all the many ways of being human. By not cutting off parts of yourself, you can discover more of what it means to be an integrated human here, today. You can welcome your heart, head, and intuition so you are firing all cylinders, not just using your ‘go to’ overworked ones.

Come in for a free 30 minute consultation with Stacey, to discover how coaching can support your life, and open up possibilities for your future. Give her a call and begin, it will be a new beginning.

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