Coaching is different from Psychotherapy or Counseling. It’s more interactive, and involves homework and lots of inquiry, contemplation and straight-talk, wrapped in deep kindness. Private coaching sessions start with an intake, then move to a coaching conversation, and then dive into the personalized ongoing coaching program. The coaching program is co-created by both of us. We make agreed upon development adjustments along the way, inspired by our work together. The goal of coaching is to grow underdeveloped skills and competencies so you can begin to navigate your life from an integrated place of wholeness. Stacey is available between sessions through texting or email, and short supportive phone conversations are welcome.

A minimum of 10 sessions is recommended, and the cost starts at $100 per session and may be adjusted on a sliding scale basis. If you are serious about wanting to make changes and are ready to really get after it with your whole being , please contact Stacey. New approaches, perspectives and insight can open channels and doorways to your own authentic nature, and there is really no reason to put that off. Every day your life is unfolding, what would you like to do with it?

Contact Stacey and we will explore if coaching is right for you. Sessions can be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, 9am-5pm with evening and weekend sessions available as needed.

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