Coaching is different from Psychotherapy or Counseling. It’s more interactive, and involves homework and lots of inquiry, contemplation and straight-talk, wrapped in deep kindness. Private coaching sessions start with an intake, then move to a coaching conversation, and then dive into the personalized ongoing coaching program. The coaching program is co-created by both of us. We make agreed upon development adjustments along the way, inspired by our work together. The goal of coaching is to grow underdeveloped skills and competencies so you can begin to navigate your life from an integrated place of wholeness. Stacey is available between sessions through texting or email, and short supportive phone conversations are welcome.

New approaches, perspectives and insight can open channels and doorways to your own authentic nature, and there is really no reason to put that off. Every day your life is unfolding, what would you like to do with it?

Bearing Witness

Words don’t do justice to the ways I felt so completely seen, loved, and held in Stacey’s Womens’ Circle. Stepping in to the yurt each session I immediately felt safe and supported in diving into the vulnerabilities and strengths of my being at its essence. Bearing witness and holding space for my sisters in circle while in the thick of the mud myself made this group work positively powerful beyond anything I could have imagined. While I wish the group could have gone on forever, I am so grateful for the lifelong invitation to growth it offered me and the connections I hold in my heart indefinitely.
Heather Mooney