Retreats are simply the best. Leaving the realm of the everyday, letting go of habitual patterns and entrenched ways of being, we step into a tremendous experience of possibility. I love this. Just getting out of town, being with the unknown, spending focused time on ourselves. Just this offers a new perspective. And then we do so much more!

Using many modalities to provide a fresh experience of ourselves, the facilitators offer the possibility of expansion, new understandings, the potential for forgiveness and the softening of our inner dialogue. Through this, we increase awareness and insight for patterned behaviors, welcoming new skills that offer freedom, growth and vistas that include beauty, gratitude and options.

Through community, sacred space, safe and loving experiences for peeling back the layers of conditioning, these retreats offer refreshing and powerful lasting understandings of each of our own early imprinted systems that are subconsciously rooted. 

We have fun. We also get real, and brave, and curious and vulnerable. It’s awesome. 

Our retreats are centered around hot springs and water, because water is the emotional realm, and knowing ourselves from this emotional domain allows us to create new patterns of response to our own experience, and this changes how we are in relationship to everything. If we can be kind to ourselves, we are much more likely to be kind to others. If we can offer ourselves forgiveness, we create the possibility for extending that grace to others. 

The retreats we offer are truly magical, you will be so grateful you joined us.

Upcoming Retreats

Boulder Hot Springs (Awakening Women Retreat) | May 8-10, 2020

With Anna Ourusoff & Stacey Tompkins 

Dive deep, feel supported, and gain powerful insight about the source of dysfunctional patterning.
The Spring Awakening Women Retreat is designed as a powerful, meaningful and safe weekend for women to dive deep, feel supported, and gain powerful insight about the source of dysfunctional patterning.

A group of women, 2 facilitators and 3 days full of learning, expansion, and insight.

This spring, our Awakening Women Retreat falls on Mother’s day. We will explore what it means to embody healthy feminine nourishment.

If your experience of mothering was excellent you are welcome. If your experience of mothering was less than excellent you are welcome. Consider bringing your mother or your daughter, or come solo. In all cases come as you are.

We use the elements, breathwork, group processes, journeying, conscious movement, and writing prompts as portals into our unique life experience. Then, we creatively and lovingly help to course-correct behaviors, thoughts and habits as needed.

You will feel powerful shifts as you tenderly welcome your authentic self back home.

  • Deepen into your body & expression
  • Sink into nature & the healing waters
  • Rediscover your deep, authentic beauty
  • Call your gifts into action
  • Feel yourself land in loving community

Cost: $200 – Registration complete upon payment.

AccommodationsPlease book your room directly through Boulder Hot Springs. There are various options for shared or private rooms, with shared or private baths.

Meals are provided for $50/ day. Please let BHS know directly of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Where: Boulder Hot Springs, about 1.5 hours from Bozeman

Contact: or

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Whidbey Island (Awakening Women Retreat) | June 5-7, 2020

With Anna Ourusoff & Stacey Tompkins

When women come together with the intention of integrating, healing, connecting and learning… Well, you can be sure there will be transformations and leaps of consciousness unfolding.

We join to witness and expand our mindset by simply making time and space for remembering ourselves, honoring all the parts of us, even and especially the ignored shadowy parts. We do this in sacred, unpretentious and down to earth spaces, surrounded by Pachamama and all her bounty, beauty and powerful holding.

Here is where personal and collective treasures are found.

We connect to our inner knowing, hearing clearly the whispered messages, all the while supporting each other in the pursuit of trust, belonging, speaking truth, and honoring and celebrating our gifts.

And yes, also our wounds.

The wounds become the gifts when each of us can release the shame and be with what is true, what we’ve learned through our human experience. We find humility, compassion, and connection.

Was fear passed down to you by a caregiver?
Were you trained to please others and abandon your needs, wants, dreams?
Did you learn to survive and/or feel safe (enough) by becoming a master at disappearing?
Is your inner critic the loudest voice you hear, unrelenting and cruel?

All of these things are born of imprinting/conditioning that is an inevitable part of growing up in this world. We survive and manage with our hard learned coping mechanisms and then, over time, those same coping mechanisms become personal prisons.
Does this sound accurate in your experience?

We can integrate the wounds and transform them into strength, power, connection.

Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. Cognitively.

Cost: $400 – Registration complete upon payment.

Accommodations: Group Airbnb on Holmes Harbor – Whidbey Island, WA

Where: Whidbey Island, WA

Contact: or

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Backpacking Adventure (Awakening Women Retreat) | August 12-18, 2020

Facilitators: Anna Ourusoff & Stacey Tompkins (women’s side); Eli Cureton & Chris Berman (men’s side)

A 5-day backpacking journey through rugged Montana wilderness.

“Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” – John Muir

Join us in exploring the wild feminine & masculine archetypes, and the inner-throne where they meet. Male & female (identifying) groups begin on opposite sides of the hike meeting on the middle day to explore the sacred relationship between masculine and feminine.

Entering into the wilderness of our psyche, we discover that in community we can explore a place where energies meet, and mirror each other. We can ask questions, be curious, and try on new understandings and insights within ourselves. With light, there is always shadow. What is the shadow of the Divine Feminine? What is the shadow of the Divine Masculine? How do these energies live in us? These subjects and more will be explored as we encounter the self, and our fellow journeyers in the backcountry.

We are made of energy and vibration. Some energy has a masculine polarity, and some has a feminine polarity. We feel best when there is balance. How do we achieve balance? Maybe through: Awareness. Curiosity. Openness. Courage. Reconfiguration. Surrender.

Knowing, accepting and working with your physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive strengths as well as your deficits, will guide you toward the needed balance.

We will uncover, examine, and lovingly tend to the parts of ourselves that may be hidden, denied, disavowed or exiled. We will welcome ourselves home to ourselves by working together, exploring, and challenging ourselves in the wilderness. Eating, playing, and being astonished by the inner landscapes as they are mirrored to us by the incredible and pristine outer landscapes.

Cost: $415

Accommodations: Backpacking!

Where: Start either near Cooke City or Red Lodge, MT

 Email / Call / Text Chris or Anna with any questions!

  • Chris: | 406-209-6770
  • Anna: | 406-600-7565

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Inner View Retreat | Fall dates TBD

With Stacey Tompkins + 6 talented facilitators, who will guide us as we learn, grow, play, and explore the inner landscape of being human.

Explore the landscape of the inner human dimensions.

Open to all who are keen on learning, healing, immersion & community.

Cost: $200 (Accommodations at Boulder Hot Springs arranged by participants – find a roommate and it’s super affordable!)


Where: Boulder Hot Springs, Montana (1.5 hours from Bozeman)

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