Stacey’s Inherent Gift: Love and being unorthodox. You have so much love for every living creature and it always feels genuine. You show us how our faults can be positive or can at least challenge us in a positive way. You make everyone feel special because you truly believe everyone is special. Another word that describes you is unorthodox…in all aspects of your life. I remember on the first day of group, you said, “I see the world in a very different way than most people.” That is so true and it’s so beautiful and refreshing. I love the relationship you have with your clients. It’s very unorthodox but it feels so much more welcoming. I’ve never had a therapist share personal stories or even hug me before. Your way is much better. I think daily about how you looked at me during my last group and shed some tears. I felt like an adopted daughter in that moment and so filled with love. I rarely feel that from my own family. It showed me the connection and love that I need and have been craving for my whole life. It felt so good to be seen for who I am and still be loved as that person.  

Stacey’s Teachings: Ha! Where do I even begin… You have constantly encouraged me to go out on a limb and try something new. I have a ridiculous story about hiking the Ridge because you mentioned doing that. I have learned to be curious about things instead of putting judgment on them. I am learning more about my internal saboteur and how “I am not safe.” It helps me to understand myself and grow. I am learning more about why I feel so bad about myself and think that includes surrounding myself with bad people. My eating disorder is a part of me but not all of me and it’s not that I don’t know myself, I have just lost sight of that. I have learned to be more confident in my choices and stop taking on others’ judgments of my choices. I have learned how important it is that I make and keep fulfilling connections with people. I could go on and on…

 My wish for Stacey: I hope that you continue to love what you’re doing because people are changing because of you. I can’t really put into words what happens in your office…if only every person in this world could meet with you, we would be in a much better place!!

“When someone asks me what a life coach is, I describe it as part therapist, part advocate, part friend. Stacey never tells me what to do. What she does is help me identify my options. She has guided me through the process of discovering, identifying and owning my true self. It is from there that I have been able to make honest choices and follow my true path.”


Healer Mom

My mom collects heart rocks.

On rocky river banks,

ocean shores,

and forest trails she seeks them out,

and brings them home.

Heart rocks adorn her house,

spilling out of shelves,

drawers and pockets.

They line her windowsills and decorate her kitchen counters.

When I’m far from her, and feel my foundation withering,

I go to the river.

I find her there,

among the vibrant wet stones.

I look for the ones that have been

molded over time by water’s caresses

into the shape of a heart.

They remind me that her love is everywhere.

And that patience and time

will smooth out the rough edges of life

and soothe the pain,

until love can fill in gaps.

*Lucy Tompkins  

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